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Knife Combative Class

This class is not only different than anything you’ve ever tried before, it’s possibly even necessary in our Brave New World! Our Knife Combative Class is based on a martial art with its origins found in Filipino and Malaysian style of combat. It employs training methods used to enable defense against an attacker by using […]

Kettlebells with Brandon

If you cannot attend BBC (which bookends most any day), then you MUST take this class! Our Kettle Bell Class is an awesome and amped version of BBC, using (You guessed it!) kettlebells. If you are on a lunch crunch, then this is the class for you. The class is offered twice a week for […]

Kids Bootcamp

Kids Bootcamp is a strength and conditioning group class for kids aged 9-15. We believe athleticism, or lack of it, isn’t simply natural: it can be learned and developed. Enroll your rough and tumble kiddo or your superhero-in-training, as well as your shy and timid child today! Emphasis in class is on efficiency of movement. […]

W.O.W. with Brandon

Women on Weights is group strength and conditioning class that meets three times a week for females. WOW has been an 8 year tradition that our owner Brandon brought with him from the YMCA. WOW originated out of a specific need for attentive strength training instruction for females wanting group exercise different from the typical […]


Bring out the hidden athlete in you by joining Brandon’s band of bootcampers. This is NOT your ordinary exercise class. Emphasis is on moving better and building strength and conditioning using straps, bands, free weights, sleds, and other fun toys! We want to help you tap into the best version of YOU. If you pay […]